Ethical production

Ananda means Bliss in Sanskrit and we are committed to helping create a blissful world through the work we do and the jewelry we produce. Our creations are handcrafted by local Indonesian artisans made from highest quality Sterling Silver and 22kt Gold Vermeil. We trace the source of our gemstones as far back as possible, guaranteeing 100% natural stones. 10% of each sale from Ananda Soul Creations goes to the Safe Childhoods Foundation, an inspiring organization preventing child trafficking in Indonesia. Together with SCF we teach mothers of street children in the production of our Senang collection.

The designer

“My vision is to empower women from the core, inspire them to reach for their dreams, make them realize how powerful and beautiful they are. Each thought, each action, each smile, each encounter counts - and that is what we live by. My soul creations are filled with Balinese blessings, prayers, smiles and love from each and every person involved in our production and that is what shines through ... from our heart to yours.” ~ Christina Zipperlen, Designer & Founder .