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Mid Century Side Chair: Beautiful In Living Room

Has it not happened to you a few times that you went through a furniture shop and you saw some beautiful mid century side chair but you did not know if they would stick with your decorative style? US too! Well, today we want to give you some advice or guidelines if you want to buy new chairs for your living room and you do not know very well what style, shape and / or design chairs to take. Let’s now expose some ideas of chairs, in relation to the various decorative styles that are in fashion today.

In our view the perfect chair is the one that blends design and comfort and fits perfectly to the decorative style of a home in question, so there is no perfect chair, but there is the perfect chair, depending on the home in question. That is, the same chair can look perfect in one room, but not in another for reasons of style, space, color, and so on. The rustic is fashionable, and good and elegant wooden chairs will look great in your living room, next to a large, large table and high in which several diners.

Tables with materials such as oak or chestnut, which offer a dark color while elegant. Some modern mid century chairs that offer a country touch as well as cosmopolitan. The key in a vintage style chair is that it perfectly combines the comfort of the modern with the style of the classic. In a style that is very fashionable nowadays, these chairs can be found in various decoration shops, but also, and in a more economical way, and sometimes with an even better result, you can do them yourself. Styles with a sophisticated and elegant touch. A synonym for good taste and refinement. A perfect chair for these styles are those with creamy tones, with golden details, silver or bronze, with rich fabrics such as leather or velvet.

For us, the perfect chair is Tiffany, which we have found in this company selling and renting Tiffany chairs .For a modern and minimalist decoration the perfect mid century chairs are those whose design does not pass in time and do not go out of fashion. Light colored chairs such as white or gray and made of materials such as plastic and metal. A perfect example of a chair for this decorative style is, for example, the Plastic Chair or Chair Eames, designed more than half a century ago and still fashionable today.