Ceramic Tile Patterns Style

Ideas for Painted Ceramic Tile Patterns

Ceramic tile patterns – Painted ceramic tiles can be used to create accent colors, geometric patterns and images, and mosaics. Use them on the walls and floors of your bathroom, halls, kitchen or any suitable area to create patterns that give a touch of crafts to your home.

Put a light gray-white check ceramic tile patterns on your kitchen floor to get sharp-looking controls without the hard contrast. Find funky hand painted tiles in the garden or food themes such as rows of pea-pods and red peppers or chunks of celery. Place them in the gray-white control as accents, or alternatively replace a white or gray tile with a colorful hand-painted tile. For backsplash, cover it in ceramic tiles painted in a terracotta shadow, and place a group of hand-painted tiles in the center of the backsplash. Choose a food theme in subdued colors, such as golden shoulder wheat or an amber loaf of bread.

Install sea blue painted tiles in your bathroom on the floor, backsplash and walls. Place painted ceramic tile patterns of colorful saltwater fish in sea blue tiles. Use a repeating pattern or install them randomly to more resemble fish swimming in a real ocean. Or imagine modern art painted tiles for your shower walls. Try a solid white ceramic tile background that reaches the eye level. Place a single row of light colored plates painted in the style of French artist Henri Matisse on top, and finish with a polished black ceramic border or choose a color matching the numbers painted on tiles.