Nice Cultured Stone Veneer

Exterior Cultured Stone Veneer

Cultured stone veneer is cheaper choice to give your home the wonderful look and feel of natural stone. Stone veneer costs only half as much as natural stone, is easier and faster to install, and because it weighs about 75 percent less than stone, eliminates the need for foundations. Stone veneers can be applied over any brickwork surface, brick, concrete block or wood and are available in a variety of colors.

Prepare wall, clean the wall surface as the cultured stone veneer is applied and allow it to dry. Clean the back of tabs pieces to ensure they are free of dust and dirt particles. Apply two layers of external weather resistant moisture barrier as standard asphalt felt paper, fiberboard and house wrap or a commercial waterproof barrier against outer wall. If the structure is wood, most building standards require Grade D waterproof paper.

Ideas for exterior cultured stone veneer cover the entire wall with a 3.4 degree cuticle rib and patch the joints, secure it with 1 1/2 to 2-inch nail. When covering an existing wood structure, place the nails at 6-inch intervals in each direction, ensuring the nails pass through all existing studs. Patch the joints in the corners. Do not leave lists stitches on the corner. Overlap at least 2 inches on horizontal seams and 6 inches on vertical seams. Cut ribs use tin snips, keep it tight.