Ordering Granite Countertops Online

Polish and Seal Granite Countertops for Sale

Granite countertops for sale to increase your property’s value. Granite, though not naturally smooth and shiny. The cut should be polished before it will show a shiny appearance. Due to the porous nature of granite, it absorbs the residual liquids that are left on the surface for a long time, which can cause the kitchen table to stain. It’s wise to polish and seal your granite countertops before using them.

How to polish and seal granite countertops for sale, sand granite surface begins with a 50-gravel diamond polishing pad. Start with the edges and work inward. Continue to grind the entire surface with polishing pad until granite gravel cease to change. You want to know when this happens because you will encounter less resistance while grinding. Switch to an 80-gravel polar pad and re-sand granite countertop. Work your way up through all eight grits until you reach a 3000 gravel polar road. At this time granite countertops will have a shiny surface.

Wipe freshly plated countertops with a slightly damp washcloth. It is important that the cloth you use contain as little water as possible because the granite has not yet been sealed and the remaining water from cleaning can stain granite countertops for sale. Let the countertops dry for 24 hours. If you have a fan, then the fan to blow directly on granite will wipe it faster. Apply granite sealant to a clean, dry washcloth and rub it easily over the surface. Be sure to cover the entire surface of granite.