Granite Tiles Design Flooring

Edge Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are attractive and durable. It is popular for counters, floors and walls. Granite tiles have chopped-off edges that can be exposed on the edge of a project such as a wall corner or exposed the edge of a counter. If you prefer a rounded edge, you can round the exposed edge of granite tile yourself with a push gun or sandpaper. Since the tile is solid granite, the rounded edge will fit the rest of the plate.

Lay your granite tiles and let the dirt dry. Edging your tiles when in place makes it easier to round the tile edges consistently. Wrap coarse hard metal sandpaper around a wooden block; staple it to the tree to hold it in place. If you have a walled gun guard, skip this step. Keep rubbing stone or sandpaper block at an angle on the edge of a residue of granite tiles and rub the tool along the edge of the tile until it is rounded. Experiment until you find an angle of rounding you like.

Round edges of the installed granite tiles to match the practice tile. Use long, even strokes across multiple tiles to create a uniform edge. If you use sandpaper, change to fine-grade hard-metal sandpaper when you are almost finished to create a smooth edge.