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How to Choose Green Granite Countertops Edges

Green granite countertops – You will make many decisions when choosing granite countertops, including what thickness, what color and what pattern. Another option that is not generally considered is what kind of edge? The edge of the worktop can be one of several styles including rounded, beveled and square. You can choose a style that complements your decor and appeals to your personal taste.

Imagine a rounded edge if you have a modern kitchen or small children. Green granite countertops with a rounded edge, called a complete bull nose, and does not have any straight and pointed edges, so it does not matter to it causing cuts or scratches. Rounded edges also complement modern furnishings. Discover a square profile. This edge, called lightened, is flat on the front with slightly rounded ridges on the top and bottom. The square profile is the most common and fits both temporary and modern kitchen. That’s the downside is that the upper and lower ridges are somewhat stiff.

Selects a chiseled edge. This edge is very natural and makes green granite countertops look like it just came from the quarry. The slightly uneven and tile edge fits a natural interior and conceals any unintentional chips that occur through regular use. Decide on a finer edge for your kitchen.