River Bordeaux Granite Kitchen

The Best River Bordeaux Granite Countertop

River Bordeaux granite countertops are a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom because they look good are very durable and are easy to clean. Upgrading granite countertops with is a good investment in your home, as well. Although it is more expensive than laminate or tile applications, it can increase home value. New granite countertops can be ordered and installed to save some of the costs. Installation is straightforward and requires some equipment. When fixing granite, the most important thing is to properly prepare the cabinets for the heavy stone counter top.

Measure the cabinet and cut 3/4 inch plywood or half-hard fiber boards to fit the top of the cabinets. This will support the heavy load of granite. Use a wash template and mark where the sink is to be placed. Cut holes for sink and faucet. Drop in the sink and squeeze it down tight. The granite is usually installed over the sink. Move river Bordeaux granite counter top into place.

Then to attach river Bordeaux granite countertop, level granite surface using interlining. Lift the granite surface carefully and apply floating Nails mounting glue on wood base about every 6 inches. Set the counter down, adding a fixed pressure. Screw 1-1 / 4 inch screws from the underside of the cabinet up into granite.