Countertop Colors For White Cabinets

Granite Kitchen Countertop Colors

Granite kitchen countertop colors are popular because they are durable, versatile and luxurious. There are two different types of granite: consistent, which have a specific pattern; and brittle, who have unique spontaneous veins throughout the surface. Available in a fine and coarse grain and in different shades as something will change the color; yellow granite will brighten your kitchen and can be coupled with many different design programs. A popular shade of yellow granite is called Tiger Skin, which comes from China, and works well with light brown walls and stainless steel appliances.

Offering the largest amount of color tint variants of all granite colors, it is not surprising that beige is the most popular color, as it is suitable for a neutral color palette. Different shades of brown and white are used in beige countertop colors, making it stylish and versatile. Pairing this color with dark cabinets will give your kitchen an old world design.

Everything from dark green countertop colors with shades of brown to sea green with shades of blue, green granite offers one of the largest varieties of shading options. This granite color, which pair well with light walls and cabinets, makes a statement and gives a clear color contrast with the decor.