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Granite and Marble Color Ideas

Granite and marble are natural stones that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Granite is formed from liquid magma, cooled slowly for thousands of years to form a stone that has the hardness and durability of a diamond. Granite withstands extreme temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a very popular kitchen-top stone. Marble is a metamorphic limestone, and its color is determined by what other substances are mixed with limestone.

A variety of white shades are available for granite and marble. Specific color shades depending on the country in which it was broken. White marble consists of pure limestone. The most famous white marble is broken in Italy. Araton white marble consists of large white spots decorated with soft gray veins. Arabescato features contrasting dark gray veins. Botocino has an overall ivory color. All three colors are broken in Italy.

Metallic gold and copper colors appear in granite and marble. For granite, most of the quarry mines these metallic colors are in Brazil and South America. Gold and copper shades of granite or marble usually have secondary white, black and gray colors. These colors create a sense of luxury in bathrooms or kitchens. And gray is one of the most popular colors in granite and marble. The most common colors are broken in Georgia, in the United States and include Bare Gray, Sierra White and Moonlight Gray.