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Ideas of Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles – Tiling is a favorite material to cover the kitchen walls because it provides a hard, easy to clean surface that locks moisture from the wall structure. It also allows for a wide variety of colors and styles to go with the kitchen table. Mark a horizontal line at the bottom of the wall with your tape measure, pencil and level, making it the height of a tile plus 1/4 inch. So if your tiles are 4 inches tall, the hose must be 4 1/4 inches off the floor. Find the center of the line. Make a cutting vertical line that runs from floor to ceiling and above the center of the horizontal line.

Ideas of kitchen wall tiles, apply the tile adhesive along the bottom of the wall with a notched glue trowel. Spread it from the floor up past the horizontal line and along the entire length of the wall. The comb pattern in the glue will allow you to see the lines through it. Push the first two tiles in place on each side of the vertical line, with the top edge of the tiles aligned with the horizontal line. Push extra tiles to the sides of the first that work against the sides, leaving nubs on the sides of the tiles giving the correct distance. Cut the tiles at the ends with a tile cutter.

Apply extra mortar throughout the wall further up. Hang the next row from the center outwards and repeat that works your way up the wall. Tilt the whole wall. Let it put the night. Spread the injection mortar over the wall, starting at the top and continuing downwards, using a rubber cement mortar to push the grout into the room. Scrape the mortar from the kitchen wall tiles surface with the edge of the trowel, and then rub the excess with a damp sponge. Allow the injection to dry for 48 hours.