New Marble Tiles Wall Fireplace

Marble Tiles Wall Fireplace

Marble tiles – While tile is considered a traditional material for a fireplace surround, it makes the rustic, natural look of such stones not fitting in with any interior. Many homeowners turn to alternative coatings for their fireplace walls. Such an alternative is marble tile. Marble creates a stylish, classic look that can turn your family reunion area into a lighter, more modern space. Proper preparation and design can make this project easier for all do-it-yourself.

How to install marble tiles wall fireplace, place your tiles on the floor near your fireplace so that you have a basic design for your wall. This will make the installation easier because you can simply pick up tiles and follow the same pattern. Disconnect the jacket from your fireplace. If you cannot disconnect the jacket, mask the edges on the casing with the target tape. This will protect the surface from thinset and grouting.

Then to install marble tiles wall fireplace, mix thinset and additives per specific product instructions. The thinset should have the consistency of peanut butter when done. Different products may require different additives or mixtures different conditions. Spread the thinset over the entire wall surface with a 1/4 inch with 1/4 inch finishing patch. This size filler allows for proper coverage for heavy marble slabs. Smooth the surface over, creating an even surface on which you can install your tiles.