Great Wood Look Tile Flooring

Cleaning Wood Look Tile Flooring

You would like to clean wood look tile flooring? Start by removing the dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle broom. The mop you use should be a soft material that allows you to eliminate as much moisture at the time of passing. Add a small stream of fabulous pure cherry blossom and green tea cleaning to half a bucket of water and gently mop with the mop. When you pass it, remember to drain it to the maximum, so that it is as moist as possible. You can finish by passing the mop again only with water and well drained.

Another way to take care of your wood look tile flooring is to avoid scratching the legs of your furniture and chairs. Using felts or protectors on the bases of tables, chairs and other elements that you will move on the wood is an excellent idea to avoid leaving marks. It also always tries to lift the furniture instead of dragging them.

If you have a scratch or strong mark on your floor, you can apply Vaseline before the cleaning process to hydrate the wood look tile flooring and then polish with the mop at the time of cleaning. With these simple tips you can continue enjoying the beauty of the wood on the floor of your home.