Black Marble Tile Flooring Ideas

How to Drill In Black Marble Tile

Black marble tile – Natural stone tiles give warmth and style to your home rarely overlapped by ceramic or porcelain tiles. Marble and other stone tiles are more fragile than their colleagues and can tear when exposed to heat and power created while drilling a hole in the tile. Diamond drill is designed to drill materials like marble tiles and other forms of hard, non-metallic materials. Keep diamond drilled cool while drilling will reduce the amount of heat it creates.

Cover the area of ​​black marble tile where you want to drill the hole with gaffa tape, and make sure the gaffer tape covers at least twice the diameter of the required hole size. The fork tape will keep the diamond drilled from walking when you start the hole in the marble tile. Mark the position of the hole on the surface of the fork tape with the permanent marker. Attach diamond drill-size to your need hole diameter. Into 3/8 inch, variable speed drill motor and put on your safety glasses

Put the diamond drilled against the fork tape, spray the tip of the drill with water-filled water bottle and gently push the trigger of the drill engine starting to rotate the drill slowly. You want to keep the drill rotating between 100 and 200 rpm (RPM), this will keep the marble tile cool. Spray the diamond drill and surface marble tile continuously with water from spray bottle as you live to keep the heat optimum to a minimum. Remove gaff tape from black marble tile after drilling is finished and dry tile with a clean cloth to remove water and drilling sludge from the surface of the tile.