Installing Ceramic Kitchen Tile Flooring

Ceramic Flooring Installations Ideas

Ceramic flooring with tiles is one of the oldest types of flooring and is still one of the best. Ceramic is durable, comes in a wide range of styles and colors, and is easier to work with than most other tiles. While there are many ways to lay your ceramic floors, a standard grid is the easiest and most common. You want to start tiling in the middle of the floor and work outwards so that they cut the tiles by the walls are the same size all the way around

How to install ceramic flooring; snap two crossing lines across the middle of the floor, dividing the space into four square sections. Before clicking on the second line, a carpenter placed space in the crossing and adjusts the string accordingly, so the two lines are perpendicular to each other. Spread thinset mortar over the intersection of the two lines, using your tile trowel. Cover enough area to include four tiles. Push the first four tiles into place in the mortar at the intersection of the two lines that will still be visible through the mortar. Place spacers between the tiles.

Then for install ceramic flooring, spread extra mortar over the floor, around the four center tiles, and start over the rest of the tiles in a grid. Start along lines and build out against the walls. Lay all the pieces that will fit without cutting. Leave the tiles to sit overnight. Measure and cut tiles to the edges, like walls, using your tape measure and tile cutter. Install cut tiles with spacers. Leave them overnight. Remove spacers. Apply cement wrap to floor that starts at one corner and work out and across, push the injection grinder in stretches with an injector float. Wipe the remaining syringe with a damp sponge.