Lowes Hexagon Tile

Design of Popular Grey Hexagon Tile

Grey hexagon tile is a commonly used flooring material in wet and humid environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens, and is available in hundreds of different combinations of style, shape and color. Hexagon tile offers classic look of a mosaic floor and is almost always offered in a composite plate with multiple tiles joined by a mask fabric, making it a material that is generally more straightforward and less time-consuming to install compared to a traditional mosaic.

Sweep all dirt and dust from the floor using the vacuum cleaner. Mix the thinset into the 5-gallon bucket using electric drill and mix paddle. Apply thinset to the floor using the tassel sealant; apply the thinset to small areas that are slightly larger than a grey hexagon tile sheet. Starting to work in the corner furthest away from the room’s exit will prevent trapping yourself in a corner. Trim the wall edges the hexagonal tile worksheet with tile pliers so that the tile sheets will have a straight edge along the wall.

Put the grey hexagon tile sheet on the thinset used in step 3 and press firmly to secure a good bond, press the 2 foot level above the tile sheet surface to displace any uneven lumps. Work your way in the rest of the floor using this process, trimming the tile plates that utilize the tile Nipper and razor knife to fit as needed tile sheets are glued to mesh fabric that can be trimmed with a razor knife. Allow the thinset to properly heal before proceeding to the next step. Reference is made to thinset packaging for hardening times.