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Choose the Right Color Kitchen Granite

Kitchen granite countertops can bring a lot of color, style and design to any kitchen. Granite can often be the focal point of the kitchen, filled with color, motion and shine. After selecting granite for your counter surface, you can feel overwhelmed with the number of color choices on the market. Price, stone availability, stone maintenance and your own preferences will help you narrow down the field until you find the color granite that suits you

Visit a stone farm where the actual kitchen granite plates are kept. Stone yards have the largest selection of stones available; they allow you to see the plates themselves. This will be an advantage when you make your final choice. Ask to see a swatch table or try the wall. This is a selection of all available colors in sizes from 4 inch squares to 6 by 12 inch slab pieces. The color samples will help you narrow down your choice before you visit the big plates.

Tell sell your budget and pray for any stone that falls without your budget to be removed from the mix. Ask the seller to tell you about the stones and which require more maintenance than others. Some stones, such kitchen granite, require no maintenance. Eliminate any stone that you feel does not fit your regular kitchen maintenance routine.