White Marble Design Ideas

White Marble Effects Ideas

White marble techniques contribute the elegance of white marble to furniture and walls at no equivalent cost. The artistic treatments used to create amazing similarities of marble stone usually apply to furniture such as kitchen cabinets and table tops and painted on the walls. Closed-grain woods such as birch, maple and pine hold up to marbling. Although each faux finished project is unique, the timeless elegance is depicted by the appearance of white marble universal classic.

Soft white marble, this Marbling technique is used to create a look of soft marble. Apply clear shell back or a toned glaze base coat to a white surface and bathe easily with a sponge to give the surface a marble-like look. Before the walls marbleized, at least two layers of primer are applied with a soft brush before painting on the glaze. This gives the walls a shiner, glassy look. Sometimes a coat of paint is put on for a more sustainable result.

White marble vein effect, in order to get a more dramatic effect, this Marbling vein technique has black veins painted on. Oil colors are applied to the surface using either goose springs or turkey springs. Before the paint dries, the lines are dry brushed to mix them into something. An alternative friend bring method is to make wrinkles and marble features by bunching the plastic film and pressing it on the surface.