Tier 1 Granite Countertops

The Best Level 1 Granite

Level 1 granite is structural noise. Either the stone was formed naturally without any large pits or cracks or it was filled with an epoxy resin at the factory to fill and seal all major cracks. For filled granite should be classified as level one, it must have some filled surface cracks and the filling must not be visible in any way that would spoil the color or surface structure of the stone. The cavities or cracks must also be completely filled, but areas left open.

Level 1 granite polished smoothly. Polishing weaker stones can open the surface of stone slightly, resulting in very small pits or small holes. After a stone has been polished, it should be close enough so that when seen from an angle where the light does not hit it directly; there are no small cavities, holes or pits in the surface of the stone.

The best level 1 granite some stones that contain large amounts of mica, such as Labrador Antic, will often have a more open surface once polished than a dense stone such as Absolute Black. Some tiles can sip to improve surface color and texture and can be sold as level one of some manufacturers. If a stone typically labeled level two class from manufacturers, level one signs with another, the stone may have been flattened.