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Fix Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a resistant material that can be found on a table, on the countertop of the kitchen or in many decorations. It is a material of great hardness, although it is necessary to emphasize its fragility, being understood this as the ease of break before a blow. It is an ecological material, respectful with the environment, very practical and durable. If the countertop in your kitchen has been broken by a blow, you do not have to change it. There are special products for repair. It is synthetic marble in two components, being able to use both to cover cracks and to join pieces. It is effective in interior and exterior.

How to fix marble countertops, clean the countertop. First, the surface must be clean and dry. Put the component in a cardboard.  Pour the product with the help of a spatula. Add the other component. It is a catalyst that accelerates the drying time. Mix well. Keep in mind that the pasta must be semi-liquid.

Then to fix marble countertops, apply with a spatula on the marble part you want to join. It does not matter that you add enough because the excess will be removed. Proceed to join the broken pieces.  Press a few seconds. Remove the remaining paste with a spatula and wait for it to dry a little. Clean the remains of the product. Before the paste hardens clean excess with acetone. Once dry sand the surface with sandpaper. Polish the surface. To unify the repaired surface it is recommended to apply a polisher.