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Granite Counters Design Ideas

Granite counters – With the popularity of granite countertops as part of many kitchen designs comes concerns and fears about the emission of radon. While radon is a byproduct of many types of building materials, including granite, the source of radon that is most harmful to your health does not come from your counter. Most radon gases will come from below your home, from the ground your home is built upon if radon is a problem in your home. Proper testing of radon in your home can provide the right answer to your concern about the amount of radon in your kitchen or bath.

Reports of radon gases that came from a granite counters top appeared first when a test for radon was made by manufacturers of solid surface materials. A radon test can be placed on granite that leads to a false reading.  The Marble Institute of America has made further testing, leading to the conclusion that some rocks do not contain traces of radon, but no stone yard, quarry or flat has yet to produce a high degree of radon gas. Levels of gas that have been discovered using extensive testing of quarries and stone yards are insignificant and almost non-traceable.

If you have granite counters in your home and you want to test for radon gases, collection can be placed by a professional. Radon detection cans should not be placed directly on granite or on other objects or objects that may contain trace amounts of radon. Depending on the size of your home, more cans can stand at varying heights and levels around the home.