Granite Marble For Kitchen

Granite Marble Countertop Benefits

Granite marble – Table tops can be manufactured from a wide range of building materials. The type of material chosen depends on a number of factors including budget, location, dirt repellent ability, durability, heat resistance and other factors. Many homeowners and craftsmen like granite marble for their beauty and durability

Function granite marble, table tops made of granite or marble can serve as a work surface in a number of rooms. In the kitchen, the kitchen table can serve as a cooked station. In the bathroom, a kitchen table can serve as a place to keep cosmetics or facial cleansers handy. Table tops in game rooms or between the kitchen and dining room can serve as a dining surface.

Features granite marble, granite is a hard, dense magma-tic rock formed as a result of intense heat and pressure. It is good for heat and does not scratch easily. When sealed properly, it is not easily penetrated by liquids. Marble is a metamorphic stone appreciated for its shine and wide range of colors. Marble is not as hard as granite, and can be scratched with sharp objects such as knives. Marble can also be etched by chemical reactions with certain acidic household materials such as ketchup and mustard.