Kitchen Countertops Granite Colors Tan Brown

How to Glue Kitchen Granite Countertops

Kitchen granite countertops are widely used in new or upgraded kitchens. The stone comes in many different colors and adds a touch of elegance to a room. Installation of granite is a precise procedure that involves constant measurement to ensure proper placement. The stone is very heavy and needs more people to move and lay stones. Gluing the underside of granite to plywood is a way to make sure the stone is flat and has support throughout the kitchen table.

Measure the size of the kitchen granite countertops area and cut a plate of 3/4 inch thick plywood to the same size. Then place the plywood in the area where the granite countertop will be placed. Brush rubber paint on plywood. You can use plastic instead of rubber paint, whether you want to work. Rubber paint or tarpaulin keeps the moisture from building up between wood and granite, resulting in mold or deterioration of the wood.

Place 310 epoxy adhesive on the underside of granite plate. Turn granite plate right side up and lay granite plate on plywood piece. Be sure to have that granite directly over the section where it will be located to get it in the right place. When more men hold pieces when you place it, it will make it easier to get it in the right place. Glue must cure within one to two hours. Caulk kitchen granite countertops for wall or back splash. Do not glue or caulk granite to surrounding kitchen appliances.