White Granite Countertops Design

Repair a Chip in White Granite Countertops

White granite countertops can be a hard material to take care of when damaged. Unlike most countertops and countertops, scratches and chips cannot be grinned or the surface is easily replaced with new product. While much smaller scratches can be polished using a special process, there are not many options for laying chips in the surface of granite. Epoxy, a filler product that dries to an extremely hard surface, is an ideal material for repairing these fields.

Try to match the epoxy to the color of white granite countertops as closely as possible. Unscrew the lid on the epoxy tube. Use the plastic pen on the top of the lid to penetrate the epoxy adhesive seal, if present. Press a line of epoxy along the tile area of ​​granite. Still use medium pressure from the bottom of the tube. Cover the chip with a little more epoxy than necessary, no less.

Then to repair a Chip in white granite countertops, form epoxy over the chip with a rounded patch. Try to match the shape of the countertop so that the epoxy melts in. Level and level epoxy surface with the flat side of the Spackle. Allow the epoxy to dry two full days when the application is correct. Minimize any excess epoxy with the blunt edge of the cleaned patch. Do not try to wipe away extra epoxy while it is still moist; some holes or dilutions cause the epoxy to weaken.