White Marble Flooring Design

The Best White Marble Flooring Style

White marble flooring is most often associated with elegance and formal entryways. Marble is a very versatile stone, though it can be used to achieve more different styles. Whether your home is rustic, modern, eclectic or old world in style, there is a marble floor that can complement your home with ease

White marble flooring is not usually associated with modern style; there are marble floors that complement modern design. Choose large tiles in 12 by 24 inch rectangles of 18 inches or larger squares for a clean look with fewer grout lines. Finished tiles, with a flat, matte finish rather than a polished surface complete the look. For further modern style, choose unusual stones.

Marble has a reputation for being cold and unobtrusive. White marble flooring can have great versatility in a family room or even a children’s bathroom. For a legendary marble floor design, begin with a textured floor, using sandblasted, acid-washed or tumbled tiles. Choose three or more colors that work well together. Sell ​​one color over most of the floor and drive a walkway of another color around the room. A pair of tiles in the walkway, replacing a tie for third color. Texture and color give a legendary style to the room.