Stylish Wood Look Tile Bathroom

Top Wood Look Tile Bathroom Ideas

Wood look tile bathroom – Thinking about wood for the bathroom seems like a risky bet. However, today’s most beautiful bathrooms have wood in their decoration. Whether in some details or on the floor and counter, wood is one of the keys to the modern bathroom. And yes, it is no longer the privilege of cabins and rural houses. The wood can beautify bathrooms of different styles, as long as, yes, it has received the appropriate treatments.

What care should wood receive to coat bathrooms or bathroom furniture? The wood look tile bathroom must be solid. Some species such as cedar, carob are usually the ideal options. The characteristic of these varieties is that they come from tropical regions where they adapted to moisture through natural oils that give them resistance. Anyway, the important thing about the wood for the bathroom is that it is properly parked, so that it does not suffer movements or breaks.

The wood look tile bathroom must be very porous and rather hard. The finish that you apply has to work as a thermal insulator, that is, be able to resist water, moisture and steam. Usually several polyurethane hands are applied to wood. As for daily maintenance, the ideal is to dry the surface that gets wet or wet, in addition to providing good ventilation to the environment. The wooden countertops are perfect just passing a damp cloth and some neutral type detergent.