Dining Table Black Granite Tile

Black Granite Tile Kitchen Table

Black granite tile countertops are a cost effective solution when slab granite exceeds your budget, but you want the appearance and durability of natural stone. The Marble Institute of America recommends closing your granite tile when the stone has not been pre-sealed or filled during manufacture or when the tile surface will receive heavy wear. Moisture lay on the surface of the stone, which makes it more resistant to regular waste and dirt, and can extend the life of the stone finish

Allow any newer black granite tile plant to dry and cure thoroughly for at least three days and nights before using a sealer product. Wipe down granite tiles with a clean, slightly damp and lint-free cloth to remove dirt or dust. The surface should dry for a few minutes until you cannot feel any obvious moisture when touching it. Cover or mask from the areas around granite to block over-spray. Use cover tape or a newspaper or combination thereof as needed.

Spray a generous and even layer of sealer whole granite surface; spread the sealer with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. Leave sealer rest undisturbed on the surface for 15 to 30 minutes. Dry black granite tile surface with a fresh, dry, lint-free cloth to pick up excess sealer product. Refrain from touching or adjusting anything on the surface until seals are dry and hardened. This can be for 24 hours or up to three days depending on your brand sealer. Follow the label recommendations.