Popular Granite Colors

Most Common Granite Colors Ideas

Granite colors – Granite is an extremely durable kitchen table choice. It can also add heat to a room when used as a table top, floor or wall decor. It is also the most popular fabric from which you can cut the tombs. Granite, a hard rock shaped from the lava, contains various minerals that give it a multitude of colors. Granite has been categorized and standardized for labels based on the color and pattern of the stone.

Rose-colored granite offers a soft glow to any room. The granite colors are also popular with the tombstones. The base colors of stone usually range from lavender to a very subtle pink. The granite is scarcity makes it incredibly popular and expensive. Staining of rose granite can also have a gray speckling that makes the rose stand out. Rose granite is often confused with red granite, but the red coloration are lighter and darker then the much softer rose. The varying shades of granite, from red to soft rose, reflect the amount of hematite in the stone at the time of formation.

Black granite gives no color change in the stone’s pattern. It’s a simple, brilliant, high gloss black. The granite colors are popular when used with other granite plates to a surprising contrast, like in floors or in memorial markers. The extremely shiny appearance of the stone makes it difficult to hide dirt or fingerprints. Black granite is usually given its color by varying amounts of bio-type, horn blend and carbon.