Beautiful Marble Tile Mosaics

Design of Marble Mosaic Tile

Marble mosaic tile – Mosaic has been a tradition of home decor for at least one century. These small plates can be found in restored, early nineteenth century homes, and have gained popularity in contemporary homes as well. Whether in bathrooms, kitchens, entrance halls or on backsplashes, mosaic tiles are a decorative and practical choice for high-traffic areas and areas exposed to water on a daily basis. Though they seem more intricate than large-scale tiles, mosaic tiles are not harder to install, and with some tips, most homeowners should be able to successfully carry out a mosaic project.

In addition to the usual square or rectangular-shaped marble floors, you can also use rosettes or mosaic tiles. Rosettes, cut into oval, round or polygonal shapes, incorporate different colors and types of marble and can be twisted, finely grated or polished. Marble mosaic tile are also cut into small shapes, usually square or rectangular, and are used in decorative flooring applications such as borders around larger marble tiles. Mosaic can be tumbled, polished or polished.

Prepare the surface to begin the marble mosaic tile process. If you put mosaics on a floor, it is best to remove existing floors (tile, wood, laminate) down to the plywood subfloor. If the subfloor is firm and in good condition, the mosaic can be placed directly on the subfloor. If you install tiles on a wall, it is important to make sure the wall surface is clean, smooth and before you begin.