Simple Modern Bed

Full Size Platform Bed

The centerpiece of your bedroom is your bed. It is usually what gets the first attention whenever you bring a visitor to your room. If you are designing your room and you want it to really look beautiful you need to give enough attention to your bed. You have several options for your bed and one of them is a full size platform bed. It is a kind of bed that is very simple and yet versatile. It can be as basic as a raised, flat surface which holds the mattress or it can also have several accessories like sideboards, a footboard and a headboard.

A platform bed is usually made of wood or metal particularly steel and brass. Wood is a good choice if you want to make it artsy. The legs for example can have carvings. The footboard and headboard can also have designs. If you are not into wood carvings, you can keep the boards and legs plain but still make them look nice. Dark wood for example looks elegant. It also matches many, if not all, classic interior designs. Metals also need not be boring. Designer beds for example use brass to make bed frames with intricate designs. Some even show designs that are characteristic of different eras like Victorian.

One of the most popular full size platform bed is with storage. This bed features storage space underneath, typically in the form of two large drawers. This is a great use of space, particularly for people living in small houses or cramped little apartments. It also comes in handy in children’s room where there is usually an overflowing amount of things, and never enough places to store them. With clothes, toys, and other odds and ends, these make the perfect place to stow away those inevitable random items that accumulate.

To truly see the full range of options available in this type of bed, find a reputable online dealer and browse their inventory. You’ll be amazed at the different styles of platform beds that are available. An online retailer is your best bet because local brick and mortar shops just don’t have sufficient space to store, and showcase, all the different ones. Online retailers aren’t hampered by this requirement, nor are they burdened with the high overhead these showrooms create. To ensure you’re getting the best quality and most durable goods, look for retailers who are well established and have spent years in the industry. These companies are intimately familiar with the manufacturers, and have the widest selection of bedroom furniture.