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Ergonomic Office Chairs: Recommended for Long Hours

Ergonomic office chairs for long-term use, which prevents future health problems, adapting to the physiognomy of each user. With the use of this ergonomic chair we correct the position of the pelvis and spine, avoiding incorrect body postures that can degenerate into health problems. Adopting the proper body posture is to mitigate fatigue, stabilize the body rhythm, reduce anxiety as well as prevent any lumbar and cervical problems. The ergonomic chair is especially recommended to all healthy people who spend many hours sitting, as well as people suffering from problems of back, blood circulation, prostate, hemorrhoids, etc…

The design principle of the ergonomic chair, is based on the principle of swing and movement, the chair adapts and moves with the body. This principle of dynamism means that even when we are sitting in the chair the body is constantly adopting different postures and therefore in permanent movement, for this reason it is necessary that an ergonomic chair also adapts and moves with the body. Ergonomic chairs offer true lumbar support. A good lumbar support is the one that maintains the natural curvature of the hollow that occurs in the back.

Office chairs back support has to offer a soft curvature, making the chair edge, relieve pressure on the blood vessels of the thighs and do not numb the legs. Also, the front edge of the seat should be tilted slightly downward so as not to press the thigh. The padding, the just, neither more nor less. It is normal to see a chair with a large padding that when we sit seems to hug and we love, but over time, said padding, adapts to poor posture of the back, favoring it. The armrests of the ergonomic chairs should hold the arms correctly, making them be not the upper part of the back, which can support the weight of the arms while working.

A suitable height: The chair must be high enough so that, when seated, the legs form a 90 ° angle. These are some of the important points that any ergonomic desk chair you deserve should have. It is important to have a correct work team. It is true that in the end we get used to almost anything, but with the passage of time, we will pay the consequences. An inadequate desk, an environment with poor lighting, sad and off, and a chair that makes us worse than good, end up wearing down anyone, but best of all, we can solve it relatively easily, making small changes.