Popular Marble Tile Flooring Ideas

Style of Marble Tile Flooring Type

Marble tile flooring – One of the most beautiful natural stones in the world, marble comes in a wide range of patterns and colors ranging from the darkest black to the lightest pink. Due to its calcium carbonate and mineral composition, marble is strong and durable, making it a popular choice for tile floors in both residential and commercial settings. Marble floor tiles are available in three basic designs: tumbled, finely grated and polished. The marble floor tile type that you choose depends on both your taste and the amount of traffic you expect flooring.

Tumbled marble tile flooring is created by placing marble slabs in a tumbler with sand. As the tumbler rotates the sand smooths the marble and gives it an antique look with a little chips and rounded edges. Tumble tiles absorb stone sealants and reinforcements easily and the tumbling process creates a smaller hollow surface than other marble tiles, making them a good choice for flooring. Additionally, because dumbbells do not have a shiny surface as they hide scratches and marks better than their finely grated or polished counterparts. In addition to being widely installed in kitchens, bathrooms and around fireplaces, tumbled marble tiles are used in outdoor applications such as patios or exterior walls.

Finished marble tiles have a matte finish. In contrast, marble tiles fell; finely tiled tiles have a natural look and have square, straight edges. Because they hide wear well, finely ground marble tile flooring work well like floors in high-traffic areas and like countertops in bathrooms and kitchens