Grey Sloping Arm Chair

Covering Sloping Arm Dining Chair

Making a cover for your room sloping arm dining chair can solve a host of problems. If your chairs are dingy looking, do not match or if you want to decorate for a holiday or a special event, using chair covers can work for you. All you need is a few feet of fabric and some basic sewing skills. Choose from a variety of fabrics, considering the use of chair covers. For example, you might want to buy more durable fabric for daily use than for vacation meet.


Cut the fabric on the center, from the city edge to the city edge, to give you two pieces that measure 1 1/4 turn. Cut two lengths of bands measuring 18 inches each. Sloping arm dining chair measure about 18 inches along the edge of the edge of one of the fabric pieces. Do this on both sides and pin one of the lengths of ties to each place, cling the edges of the fabric and the ribbon. Drop the band to hold it in place. Lay the two pieces of fabric, straight to the right. Use the staple to hold the fabric in place, holding the strap between the two fabric layers. Sew the two pieces together along the edge; remove the pins as you go. Sew to form stitched edges. Drape the fabric over the chair; feed the middle seam with the back of the chair. Pull the straps on the back of the chair and tie them to hold the chair cover in place.

Tips and warnings

For everyday use, a heavy weight cotton blend is a good choice because the fabric is washable. Do not use light 100 percent cotton, as they will always look creepy. Fabrics to be used for special events or holidays may include satin, tapestries and special decorator fabrics. The 2 1/2 turns per chair is an average estimate. Measure your special sloping arm dining chair for a more accurate measurement. You may want to cut the fabric for the first chair only and see how your cover comes together. Not only can reupholstering a dining chair extend its life, but it can give your dining room a new and up-to-date design without having to buy a new set of dining chairs. One of the most important things to note when reupholstering a dining chair is to find the right fabric and pillow appropriately to that chair. Contact your local craft shop on suggestion of the best fabrics and pillows to use on your chair.