Contemporary Chairs For Kitchen

Combining Table And Contemporary Dining Chairs

Nowadays, combining contemporary dining chairs and a dining table is easier than ever, since what is worn, what is styled, is the contrast between the style of the table and the chairs, adding even different chairs around the same table. This does not mean that chairs of the same style cannot be added to the table, much less or that doubts arise when choosing chairs. That is why we have prepared this little guide, in which we will see some tables, the most used, and the chairs that are good, both to join the table, to contrast. The first set is a contemporary, contemporary dining table with a glass envelope, like the one in many homes, although the legs vary.

For this table, elegant danish modern dining chairs with contemporary design, with chrome legs, is a type of model that combines with the table. If you play the contrast, the chair we have selected, inspired by the famous Eames Plastic DSW chair, is a chair appropriate for both its design and the materials used, which contrast with those used on the table. The second example is a wooden table, traditional and rectangular, with some rustic air. In this case, a wooden chair, robust but elegant, upholstered or not, is a model of a chair that combines with the table.

If you play the contrast, the modern wood dining chairs we have selected, also inspired by another famous chair, the Eames Plastic Chair DSR, becomes a great choice, and both for its design and for the materials used that contrast with the purity of the wood. For the third game, the table is the same style as the first, but round. In this case, a classic elegant chair, matching the legs of the table and with fine upholstery, is a chair design that combines with the table. If we have a table like this and what we are looking for is the contrast, the Eames Plastic DSW chair, or a replica, contrasts perfectly with the design of these tables.

For the fourth set, we have based on a table of industrial design, in which wood and metal, as it could not be otherwise, are the base materials to build the table. So, a contemporary kitchen chairs that combine with this table, should carry these materials and, if your design belongs to the period of industrial design, much better. Although any chair would work well. With this design, chairs that combine, in addition to wearing the same color, have to have a similar design; be simple but elegant, without highlighting too much.