White Marble Countertops Design

Ideas for Install White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops are similar; natural stone materials usually cut into plates for use on floors, walls and countertops. Unlike the curved surfaces of ceramic tiles, marble tiles tend to be very straight and flat, giving the impression of a single plate of stone when properly installed on counters. Another common quality of marble is that a wet saw is necessary to cut them, so see your local home improvement store about renting one.

Ideas for install white marble countertops drive a grinder over the disc surface so it is boring and flat. Wipe up the dust. Measure the length of the disc and find and highlight the middle. Drag a line from the front to the back with the pencil and the square. Spread the thinned mortar over the front edge of the dish, covering it from beginning to end and rewind one foot from the front edge. Touch the first beveled marble tile in place in the mortar, with beveled side of tiles lined with the edge of the disk.

Then for install white marble countertops, set more beveled tiles side by side along the edge, working from the center toward the sides. Place distances between the plates as you place them. Use a wet saw to cut out the washers needed to fit. Set the next row of plates behind the first, using standard marble tiles this time instead of beveled ones. Start at the center line and work to the sides. Put distances between all the tiles. Cut end plates on wet saw needs.