White Mission Style Desk

Mission Style Desk Types

There is an aura that surrounds the bock desk-so graceful, so elegant, and so sculptural; they fit almost all the decorations. But mission style desk is also very utilitarian and also easy to build. These benches are beyond capabilities, even an inexperienced furniture cutter, as long as he is aware of some simple construction rules.


Shakers were well known for their simple designs and the book desk favored by their attention. A mission style desk contains all the basics of a bucket desk, so it makes a good first project. Because it’s a little more than a table with a single box suspended below, you might find that a simple desktop like this fits your needs quite nicely. You can build a basic bowl of wood pieces of wood joined to an H shape, then turn one side of H forming the foot, the other supports the desktop, and the third piece becomes the support leg. By changing the length of this support, you change the height of the desktop. If you do two of these parishes, drive a crosspiece between them as a stag, and then mount your desk to the top, you have built a bock table. All that remains is the addition of a single box, hung below the top with appropriate box hardware.

Standard Desk

Most mission style desk builders create a more complex sumptuous. This assembly can be simplified in two compartments: a large drawer that forms the desk and holds several small drawers beneath it, and a thinner box mounted on top, serves as an organizer for pens and pens, paper fasteners, mail, notebooks, etc. This thinner box can be divided into either small compartments or drawers, depending on the items you choose to keep it. Due to the greater importance of this desk assembly, the buckles themselves become bigger and thicker. A standard desk will rarely have the nice proportions of a desk, but it can still have a very graceful look.

Adjustable Desk

There are two ways to make a mission style desk adjustable. An adjustable top works well for artists or artists. Use hinges to attach the front edge of the upper to the main box-and-box assembly; then you can use either commercial hardware or woodcut supports to change the top angle. One can also make the height of the desktop adjustable. This is easier with a bucket desk than with one of the four-legged blacks. Since you only need to adjust two legs, it is easier to get the table level this way. Make each leg bone in two, one of which slides inside the other (which is a single box), then include a way to lock the height in place. This can be done by drilling a hole through a part of the leg, then inserting a wooden stick to keep it from traveling further into the second paragraph.