Wall Mounted Fold Up Desk

Ideal Short Space With Wall Mount Desk

If you are short on space, a wall mount desk can be ideal. You can buy a desktop kit mounted on the wall. However, it is more expensive than simply setting up your own. You can use your new desktop as an area for crafts, study or storage of a laptop. Only the simplest building skills are required and you can include storage space if you wish. The same basic ideas will work well enough for a table or spacecraft narrow entrance of a child. Decide what your overall dimensions are. Keep in mind that a table mounted on the wall will be narrower than a typical desk, and you may want extra length to allow adequate space.

A floating wall desk as narrow as 10 inches can be useful, so consider placing your own in a hallway or other space lost in your home. Plan a width of between 10 inches and 16 inches. More than 16 inches will not be properly supported by wall brackets. Design your desktop. It may be a simple platform, mounted on L-brackets for the most basic wall-mounted desktop. You can also create a thin box, with storage spaces under the desk. Consider planning the narrow shelf above your desk mounted on the wall. Change the wood. A solid wood floor like oak is ideal, but any type of wood will work. Plan to finish the edges if you use 3/4-inch or 1-inch plywood instead of narrow molding plates.

If you do not have a saw or prefer to avoid clutter, the home improvement store or wood store will cut your custom boards for a minimal fee. Place the sides of the table to the bottom panel if you are building a shallow style wall desk folding box, using a drill to make pilot holes. Screw the parts with screws for wood. It will connect this to the top surface once it is mounted to the wall. Paint, dye, and polyurethane all parts, if desired. If you are running out of Tung oil or a similar product, this can be done after the construction is completed.

Find the studs on the wall. It is critical that your wall mounted desk ikea properly on wall studs. Mark the placement of the top plate brackets on your desk if you are building a box like one, or on the main board if you are building a desk-mounted wall-shelf style. With the help of a friend, secure the L-brackets on your wall studs. If you have built a storage unit for your new wall-mounting table, connect now by drilling guide holes and screw in place.