Refinishing Parquet Floors

Tips Before Install Parquet Flooring Tiles

We all want a warm, personal and unique home where we feel good. A place where you can appreciate the important things in life. Well, a determining element to achieve this is the type of soil. The parquet flooring tiles give us a very pleasant climatic sensation that we can enjoy throughout the house. The parquet is perfect for its great insulating power. It is elegant adding to the decoration a refined and distinguished style. There are options for all tastes and pockets. The way of placement has evolved and is very simple and can be installed directly on the old floor.

Although there are more original shapes like spike or fishbone the most classic and usual is in parallel with the longer wall. The installation of a skirting board or base will be the perfect complement. It will give a more original and attractive appearance to the floors of our home. The most common woods in parquet floor are pine, cherry, beech, oak, and walnut. The parquet flooring for sale has a lot of personalities so it is necessary to combine it well with the doors and the rest of the decoration. If they have the same tonality creating a homogenous style. Or we want to create a breakthrough and risky style using different colors. Even in the bathroom and in the kitchen. With water-resistant treatment, so you can enjoy the soft and warm feel of the wood under your feet throughout the house.

If we want to have a radiant floor with refinishing parquet flooring, we must take precautions and set the temperature very low. As well as scrupulously follow the technical instructions. If we take care and clean quickly when some liquid falls, we put felts in the legs of the furniture. In addition, we use the specific polishing product and we monitor the conditions of relative humidity in the environment we will have an impeccable floor for years. Floating parquet is generally identified with multi-layer pallets, which are those that have a top layer of noble wood and lower layers made from cheaper woods.

Currently, most manufacturers use a system of an installation called “clip”, where some tables are female and some male, and fit together. To place parquet flooring installation on carcasses, you have to glue directly on the hearth, using glue or cement, wooden guides (carcasses) on which the boards will be nailed. In addition, the pieces are fixed to each other to achieve a more compact floor. The glued parquet is glued directly to the subsurface with glue, as its name indicates, and the installation is much faster than in the previous case.