Wood Medicine Cabinets

Medicine Cabinet Recessed for a Great Bathroom Stuff

Drug cabinets are a must for a functional bathroom. Building yourself and adding a door mirror is a good do-it-yourself medicine cabinet recessed project. When the problem occurs in most people is when they want the medicine cabinet built into the wall. Keeping in mind that most walls are built with 2-by-4 and have half-inch drywall panels on each side, the only precaution will be where to cut the hole. First, locate the nails on the wall.

Place the two side pieces on the floor next to each other. Taking into your count the top and bottom of the box, mark the end pieces where you want the two shelves inside to go. Next, run a drop of glue on one of the edges of the top piece and fix it to the side piece with 2d finishing nails. Repeat this procedure for the bottom of the target medicine cabinet and then again to secure the other side panel. Run a drop of glue on the end of one of the shelves, put it in place and fix it with your fingernails. Then apply a bead of glue on the back of all ends and shelves and set the quarter inch into place and fasten it with 2d box studs.

Put some glue into one of the ¾ by ¾ by 20 inch pieces of molding and fasten it to one side on the front of the cabinet with 2d box studs. Repeat this procedure for the other side recessed medicine cabinets panel. Fasten the two pieces of ¾ by ¾ by 16 inch molding in the same manner as in step 4. Measure the back of the cabinet and draw the shape on the wall in the desired location. Cut the plaster panels with the jigsaw. Slide the cabinet into the wall and secure it through the side panels on the wall studs with 6D finishing nails. Make a 1 ½ inch mark from the long edge of the door at the top and bottom. These are where you will install the piano door hinges. Install the hinges with the screws provided, then hold the door in position and place the door inside the side panel of the medicine cabinet.

If you are going to use a recessed medicine cabinet with mirror, attach it to the door after installing the door hinges and before installing the cabinet door. Use a jig saw to cut the opening in the wall where your medicine cabinet will be recessed. But, do not cut a hole in the wall without having to locate the electrical wiring that is in the area where the furniture is.