Standing Drinking Water Fountain

Indoor Floor Fountains to Raise Humidity

Indoor floor fountains add soothing sound of water to your home. They also raise the air humidity in your air. Humidity is often the lowest in winter, when our air-tight, energy-efficient homes are heated by blowing air. The dry air is not only bad for our health, but for the health of potted plants as well. Using a fountain to raise indoor humidity benefits both people and plants.

Health Benefits

Indoor fountains constantly evaporate, add water to the air. The increased moisture is good for our skin and airways. Moist air helps us cough more easily and helps the mucous membranes that bend our sinus cavities and the airways remain healthy. Moist air also helps most potted plants grow and thrive. This is because many potted plants are tropical foliage plants and are home in the warm, wet weather of the tropics. Fountains are not as noisy as humidifiers. In fact, many people like the mild bubbling sound to be nice and soothing enough to reduce stress. Indoor fountains are also a distinctive interior choice. Many fountains, which can go on tables or on walls, are attractive enough to become a focal point in all rooms.


Fountains vary greatly in style, size and function. Some are made for tables, while others are too big and have to go to the floor. Still others are relatively flat and can be mounted on a wall. Most have pumps as power powers. The pump pushes the water up and through the top of the fountain, where it flows back over stones or other decorative objects. Depending on how strong the pump is, the water can only sip or it can be a powerful spray. Some modern style fountains look like a slice of water on glass. If the water is caught between the glass slabs, it will not evaporate and give the moisture you need. The more water surface area and movement, the greater the moisture.


As the water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals that build on the fountain. Over time this can prevent the execution of the fountain so it is important to give it a periodically clean. Simply wipe it with a soft cloth. Monitor water levels as well. They will lower so the water evaporates and if they are too low the pump runs dry and can also break. Even flower experts do not consider calling be true lilies, they are still remarkably shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors. The flower has long lines and soft curves, which is why so many indoor fountains have crystals incorporated into their constructions. When it comes to choosing such a fountain, there are several varieties to choose from.