Receptionist Desks

Create Curved Reception Desk

The first thing a client sees when entering your office is the reception area. The customer immediately gets an impression of how you work and your style, simply by waiting for a meeting. Choose the wrong accessories or furniture and you can turn off potential customers. Try some unique ideas for a reception desk or desk counter by use curved reception desk. And give your customers a positive impression of your business. They are many vary option from antique, vintage until modern. Modular reception area; Modular furniture refers to a particular type of furniture that fits together and acts as a single piece. Each piece works alone, but is designed to work with extra pieces. The advantage of using a modular is that you can start with just a few in the reception area and then add more as your office space expands.

Modular pieces have a common exterior, such as a flat plastic surface. This is the page that clients can see when they enter the reception and when they are in the lobby. The side facing the receptionist has more storage space. For example, the largest piece has more drawers and space for a chair. And the pieces that sit on each side of the main desk have file cabinets, shelves or other types of storage. Vintage desk plans designs; A vintage reception area has a more relaxed atmosphere and is unique because it gives your customers something unexpected. Make your own with two filing cabinets and two old rescued doors of the same size. The two filing cabins form the base and hold the first door that acts as a counter to the reception area.

Attach the other door to the front of the file cabinet, with the outside of the door facing the reception area. Add vintage touches to the counter. Like an old-fashioned metal pencil tip, antique pencil and pen cup, older hole punch and vintage paper shredders. Slim and high tech; Go smooth and high tech with a reception counter that consists of a single piece. The counter sits several feet from the floor and comes curved desk designs varieties, including those that keep the receptionist hidden on three sides. Made of lightweight and molded plastic. These counters come in different colors and sizes to suit your specific office space. The counters have storage space below to fit file cabinets, shelves or other items for your office needs.