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Wall Sconce Lights: Inspiration and Useful Advice

We have already talked in our blog about some of the many possibilities offered by light to create spectacular effects and to house houses, premises and offices in the way that suits us best. However, not only light is important, so is the luminaries (commonly known as lamp) that we choose. Together, both elements form a unique and special tandem, capable of being the focal point of a room, whether the light is on or not.  That’s why today we want to show you photos of decoration with different models of wall sconce lights so you can see that they are also an important part when decorating .

By not having the need to turn on the light all day, in the hours when the space is illuminated with natural light, an applique with a careful design will dress our walls and behave almost like a sculpture. And we can even create our own manual application from a suspension lamp, adding a support that we make or buy for that purpose. As for example a wooden post from which to hang indoor wall sconces, hooks on a wall of which to wind up the cable of the lamp, a decorative staircase in which to hook it … If you have already decided to use appliques in the bedroom, you are probably asking how to install them.

Well, we can place them on the wall, with the internal wiring and directly to the switch, to the wall or with a switch on the cable itself and plugged into the wall. To avoid cables in sight, the hidden cable fixtures are the best. But if you have to plug them into the current, you can hide them with plastic adhesive tubes. When painting them the same color of the wall, the room will be clean and aesthetic.

There are many models of different sizes, colors and materials, from which the light can come from above, below, on one side or by the total of the applique. Creating drawings with light according to their design, there are that they expand the light creating a cone, based fine lines or drawing winding waves in the wall. Others instead place more emphasis on the design of the applique than on the way to illuminate, being real sculptures; so they are ideal if we will use in areas where lighting is usually not very often the lighting and what we want is mainly decorate the walls. If you are thinking of buying plug in wall sconces for your home, take a look at these decor photos to get ideas.