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24 Cottage Style Sofas to Enjoy

Stone walls, wooden beams, fireplaces, arches and vaults … and tasteful sofas that invite you to enjoy the tranquility of country life. Would you like to sit on a comfortable cottage style sofas in front of the fireplace? Do you want to relax, enjoying the scenery and a warm and cozy decoration? Then this is your place. Take a break and visit our gallery of rustic lounges from which you will not want to move. It is the key piece of the room. The sofa has to be very tasteful and comfortable. Open it well with the fabrics: the cushions and plaids will be your best allies.

The best interiors have one thing in common: the mix. The mixture of styles, fabrics, materials, textures. That is why this room is so striking. Next to an uneven stone wall and a high sloping roof with a wooden structure, we see velvet armchairs, leather rugs, and elegant, slender interiors. A rustic and exotic style at the same time that no one can escape. The other hall is notable for its small number of furniture. It has not been necessary to place many pieces, only the necessary ones, but those that are, are formidable. Special wooden furniture and farmhouse style sofas design that fill the space with nothing more than your presence.

A rustic room that, while being absolutely eclectic , offers a totally unified look . This hall combines modern elements – such as cushions, tapestries, sofas and ceiling lamps – with antiques – such as coffee table, decorative shelves and wicker baskets – and rustic accessories – such as the damajuanas, candle holders and twigs several-. The result is a hall of unmistakable new rustic style, as modern as it is genuine. If you like vivid colors and eclectic prints, you can also introduce them to your rustic style living room. And you can do it for example through the sofa cushions.

For large families or for homeowners who want to have enough space at home to accommodate their guests, a living room like this can be a great choice. You can place the cottage sofas and loveseats in the perimeter of the room, and organize them in L or square to encourage the conversation. The central space is free as a flexible surface. A stone wall like this gives you that rustic touch that you’re looking for. Sometimes it does not take much special furniture to create unique stays. You can choose a piece to which you have special affection and turn it into the focus of attention of your new salon, as has been the case with this coffee table.