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Hanging Glass Pendant Lighting Kitchen

The hanging glass pendant lighting is those which, as the name suggests, are suspended from the ceiling by means of a cable, a rope, a rod or a string. For decades, these types of fixtures are the favorites in decoration, not only because of their great decorative potential, since they are ideal for spaces where work light is required. Of all, you should keep in mind that the style and shape of the hanging lamp will depend on the use you are going to give and the room of the house where you are going to place it. There are all kinds of design, glass, and antique.

There are many different shapes and materials with which we can enjoy hanging light pendants depending on the type of home we have and the spaces in which it is divided. One of the first things to keep in mind is that there should never be more than one hanging lamp per stay and that they are not suitable for passing areas unless it is a huge house. The most common are glass, which is an excellent diffuser; the fabric, ideal for grease-free spaces such as the dining room or living room; the metal, which helps to reflect light better, and plastic. On a dining table (later we will go into more detail on this subject), the ideal is to leave at least about 70 cm to avoid accidents, just like in the kitchen.

As for the entrance, it is best to leave 2.15 meters or at least 65 centimeters between the head of the tallest person in the house and the bottom of the lamp.  Unless the light bulb is decorative in its own right (hanging bulbs) it prevents them from being seen placing a screen in the lower part of the lamp. There is nothing more unsightly than a hanging home depot pendant lights in which low-energy bulbs are seen below. The first is the distance between the lamp and the dining room table to avoid glare and discomfort. In addition to assessing the style of the fixtures, it is appropriate that this distance is 60 to 80 centimeters above the table.

But it is also not a fixed measure since you have to look at other factors such as the size of the table, the size of the lowes pendant lights, the possibilities of mobility of the lamp, the space that we have to place it, the space that must illuminate, etc. In fact, if the lamp or table is too large, it is best to increase that distance to make lighting more efficient.