Creative Platform Storage Bed

Making Simple Platform Bed King Size

Platform bed king size are one of the easiest beds to do by themselves because they require no complicated carpentry and use basic carpentry. The simplicity of the design is reflected in the simplicity of the design, which is a favorite in minimalist, Zen-like decor. A single size platform bed is large for an extra room or for a child’s bed and can easily be added at a later stage if a large bed is required.


Sand parts for single bed base: Four planks of 2-of-12 wood cut to 39 inches and two planks cut to 76 inches. Paint all components for platform bed king size set, base pieces plus two planks of 1-inch MDF cut to 25 by 80 inches. Paint on a pair of rocks in the desired color and allow drying for the time recommended by the color to notice. Place the four 39-inch-long planks on a 2-inch edge and 19 inches apart; they should be parallel to each other in a row. Abuts two 76-inch planks with the ends of the 39-inch planks, so that the outer two short planks form the corners with the ends of the long planks.

Square outside 39-inch planks with a corner hook so that their ends are at right angles to the 76-inch planks and clamp them in place. Drive 3-inch wood screw was 4 inches through the sides of 76-inch planks at the ends of each 39-inch plank to hold the platform bed king size bottom together. Remove the clips and retouch the long planks with paint to hide the screw shells. Center the two MDFs stacked on top of the base, with 80-inch sides parallel to 76-inch sides of the base. There should be about 5 inches of overlap on each side of the base, and about half at both ends. Attach MDF discs to the base with the wood screw drive every 10 inches around the perimeter of the platform in the base below.

Tips and warnings

Make another single large platform bed and place it next to the first to create a large platform bed suitable for up to king size mattresses. Take advantage of the space under the platform bed by constructing the base from modular cubby cubes with the cubby turning outward, creating a platform storage bed. 3/4 inch thick plywood can replace MDF.Even if it is not required; adding wood to the screw holes will help make sure the screws are in place. Always be careful when working with power tools. Avoid loose clothing that can get caught in the saw blade.