Modern Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas

How to Grind Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Ceramic kitchen floor tiles are a durable and attractive flooring option. Installation of ceramic tile is relatively easy until you reach the edge of the room, or tension equipment such as cabinets, pedestal sinks and toilets. In these cases, you need to grind ceramic floor tiles to fit these objects. Grinding ceramic tiles can be a difficult task, as hardness is similar to glass and it can break

How to grind ceramic kitchen floor tiles, turn ceramic tiles on the head and use a pencil to mark where to grind the tile to suit. Place ceramic tiles up and down on the edge of a work surface. Tie the tile in place with a table clamp so that the part of the tile you want to remove hangs over the edge of the table. Put on eye protection and a dust mask and put them in an angle grinder.

Turn on the angle razor and slowly lower the tip to the pencil line on ceramic tiles. Press the tip of the angle grinder against the top of ceramic tiles, but do not squeeze hard on the angle grinder. The knife will paint its way through tile with very little pressure. Continue to hold the angle grinder in place until it grinds all the way through the ceramic kitchen floor tiles. Turn off the angle grinder and pull out the plug.