Contemporary Storage Chest Bench

How to Build Storage Chest Bench

Storage chest bench – Examine the area where the bank will be built, take all necessary steps and notes. Use a chalk line to mark the area where the bench will sit. Clean and prepare the area. Frame the Bank Cut the 2×4 to the length of the bench weave. If necessary, adjust the length of the vertical pieces to accommodate uneven spots on the floor. Use a hammer drill to attach the rear and side sections of the frame to the walls. Then connect the vertical pieces of the walls so that the bottoms sit on the floor and the butt tops to the rear and side sections. Build the front section Construct the front section by nailing 2×4 to form the front and sides. Line up with marks made before. Lay the L-shaped frame on the back and side with wood screws. Both ends of the frame L must make contact with the corresponding walls.

Measure and cut 2×4 pieces to fit between the upper Ls and bottom of the front and side. Place the pieces vertically between the top and bottom plates of this front section and directly through the vertical pieces on the back. Hammer in place and secure with screws. Double front and rear support Add another 2×4 to the front of the back support on the wall, effectively folding up. Screw a 2×4 floor against the bottom of the vertical pieces against the wall on the back and right side. Step 4 Frame 137 Install the lower brackets Measure the inside of the bottom of the box.

Cut pieces of 2×4 to fit the floor between the lower back plates, where the vertical pieces meet front and back. Keep these 2×4 supports aligned and leveled with the top of the 2×4’s that were attached to the wall. Pre-knee bottom supports so they can be toe nailed on bottom plates. This is where the 3/4 plywood bottom will sit. Attach the sides of plywood Cut and attach the 04.03 plywood to the outside of the frame Keep the top edge of the plywood flushes with the top of the frame.

Cut and place the bottom of plywood inside the frame. At the top, cut a piece of wood 1 inch longer and wider than the plywood frame covered. Draw a line along this top piece 3-1 / 4 inches from the edge. With a circular saw, tear down this line to separate the top piece. Attach the 3-1 / 4 “top plywood piece to the top of the duplicate 2×4 turn back bracket, using an 18 gauge nailed finish. This is the section from the top to which the hinges on the strap will attach.