24 Wood Bar Stools Modern

Do You Have Boring Wood Counter Stool?

We all have typical boring wood counter stool at home, you no longer know if you throw it away, give it away or try to do something to renew it. What if you stick with this last option? With simple techniques you can make them look new. Dressing legs of stool with crochet: apparently is a little strange idea but truth is that it looks great, do not you think? In fact, crochet so much practiced by our grandmothers has revived and has become a fad among people fond of crafts of all ages. If you know crochet you can renew your stool with this technique, if you do not know you can ask your grandmother or learn, it never hurts!

A stool made of magazines: Have you been a subscriber for years in a magazine and have they there, stacked and accumulating dust? Well you can give them a use, sit on it! If you do not have a collection you can also collect them from friends and relatives or even from waiting rooms of clinics and hairdressers, typical places where they have several and usually renew each month. A very simple idea; stacked on a wooden base, with a cushion up and all, tied with a pair of oversized belts. Volumes of an old encyclopedia are a good alternative to magazines.

Bar stools more resistant: this type of stool is very common and first thing that is usually spoiled is part of seat, which is esparto or some similar fiber. If we keep structure of madrea, we can renew seat by creating a new one, interlacing a string of colors like one in your favorite. If you were wondering how to make a wooden stool, here’s a good idea. Finding a thick and carved trunk is first mission; turn it into a stool, second. If piece of wood is already pretty in itself, you can simply screw some wheels to make it easier to move.

If you still want to decorate more or make seat soft, it is as easy as choosing a fabric you like, filling it and nailing it carefully along circular edge of trunk. Easy, right? As we explained in another post, by recycling drum of a washing machine can create a number of decorative objects. One of them can be a wooden swivel bar stools. Yes, yes, you read well … a stool made with hype of a washing machine! Hardest part will be to find drum of washing machine, rest is bread-and-butter; you wrap some legs in base, you paint and put a cushion on it to sit. Ready!