Wingback Headboard DIY

Wingback Headboard King Ideas

If you are looking for a project to spice up your bed and make it more fun. Take some decorative fabrics, buy some plywood from your local home retailer or sawmill. Spend a couple of hours creating an appropriate wingback headboard king for your spacious king size bed.


Measure the width of your wingback headboard king frame. Queen-sized mattresses are 60 inches (or 5 meters) wide, but frame sizes differ. Use this as a guideline to cut your plywood to the right width. Cut the height as you wish. Cut the foam to fit around the front of the bed sheet. Cut enough so that the foam can be attached to the back of the gable with adhesive. Put a little paste on one side of the back of the bed sheet, then fold on the fabric and press firmly. Repeat this for all four sides, and be sure to keep the foam taut so the gable will not look bunched.

Cut cotton wool to fit over padding. You need to use more batting than you did padding, because batting has more material to fit over. Lay down the glue and attach the batten in the same way as you attached to the padding. Place the adhesive on top of the foam, and attach cotton wool directly to the padding. Cover the cover with the fabric. Use fabric secure adhesive to attach the fabric to the wingback headboard king. For even more grip use a hammer and nail to attach the fabric; Place the nails where they should draw the least attention. Keep the fabric stretched to avoid folding.

Cut a two to four in two, 15-inch sections. Determine how far from the ground you want your wingback headboard king seat. Place the gable down on a clean work table, and drill 2-inch screws to secure the legs to the back of the gable, place the legs so the gable is at the desired height. Extra two and four go up the back of the bedside is not a bad thing, as it will add support. Leave 2 inches of space between the legs and on the side of the bedside table. Align the gable so that the legs are level with the bed frame. Use a drill and screws to attach the bed to the bed frame.

Tips and warnings

Be creative with your fabric choice; choose something that works with the color scheme of your bedroom or a decorative fabric that better describes your personality. Find a design online to cut a more decorative shaped bed sheet. Always take precautions when working with power tools.