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Best Furniture Swivel Counter Height Stools

Perfect for kitchen islands and counters style, swivel counter height stools offer pub-style comfortable while saving space in the overcrowded kitchen. These tall seats usually have no arms, but the foot function and the rear debris. Materials for the frame area from wood to steel and the seat is usually made of leather, wood or quilted upholstery. Two to five feces fit into a designated area, depending on the length of the bar. Swivel stools require a little assembly. Unpack the box and place the contents on a flat, horizontal surface near the screwdriver and a wrench. Make sure you have all the parts and hardware, including the necessary nuts, bolts, and washers.

Place your legs target counter stools face down on the floor. Set the legs stool over them, aligning the grooves of the center bars stool seat. Slide the circular footrest over the legs stool and insert some screws into the pre-drill holes. Secure the bolts with nuts and washers, but do not tighten. Attach the backrest to the seat frame, if applicable. Rotate the backrest down and align the ends of the vertical sidebars with the pre-drilled holes in the seat. Insert the screws and screw with your screwdriver. Position the turntable on the seat assembly, aligning the holes previously drilled into the plate with the holes in the seat crossbars. Insert four bolts and secure with nuts and washers. Turn the legs and the right seat assembly, facing up.

Place the seat assembly in the legs, aligning the holes in the seat frame with the holes in the leg crossbars. Insert the short screws into the holes and secure with washers. Turn the entire frame upside down and slide the cushion onto the seat frame. Keep it in place while inserting bolts through the holes in the frame and the bottom of the seat. Tighten all bolts with your wrench. bar height dimensions stools are used at home for everything from eating something fast to eating at the kitchen counter, in the long run, relaxing in the afternoon in the living room.

These stools see a lot of action on a daily basis. Measure the distance between the screws on the swivel kitchen counter stools part of the existing seat to determine the correct swivel size you need. Check for rotating type by removing the turntable and placing a level on top. If it is level, you need a flat plate. If one end is higher than the other, you need a slanted plate. Screw the new turntable into place. If the holes for the new plate do not match the old ones, drill pilot holes carefully into the bottom of the seat to accommodate the new screws.